Today, we are living in really dangerous times and as a matter of fact, there is too much crime going on. It seems that danger is all around us and people are trying to protect themselves and their loved ones in many different ways.

Below we are going to present you several useful tips that may save your life in some dangerous situation. Whether you are at home or you are walking on the street you should know how to protect yourself.

  • Taekwondo is a Korean martial art and practitioners of this self-defense art explain that the elbow is the strongest point on human Therefore, if you find yourself in a dangerous situation in which the attacker is close to you and it is necessary to use self-defense you should hit the attacker with your elbow, as hard as you can.
  • If you face a robber that wants to take your purse or wallet you should toss it away from you. Keep in mind that you should never hand your bad and that may save your life. Most robbers are interested in your money, so toss your bag and run away in other direction.
  • This probably sounds unbelievable, but it still may happen to you. If attackers hijack you and throw you in a car’s trunk, try to kick the back-tail lights out. The hole will be big enough to put your arm and start waving. The kidnappers won’t be able to see that and there are high chances someone so see the waving and call the police.
  • Do you sit in your car while it is parked somewhere? Well, many people, particularly women sit in their car and eat their lunch, make lists etc. By doing this, you make yourself an easy target because the attacker can watch you and unnoticeably can come to your car and point a gun at you. In such situation you don’t have almost any chance to escape and the attacker can make you go wherever he/she wants to. If you still need to stay in your car, park it in crowded and bright place and don’t forget to lock the doors. However, if you already have a gun pointed at you and the attacker gives you instructions to drive to some place, you should not listen to him. Instead, you should speed up and wreck the car into something nearby, such as a wall. The Air Bag and the seat belt will save your life, but the attacker might be in big trouble. Right after the crash, get out of the car and run as fast as you can and call the police.
  • Experts explain that parking lots are really dangerous place and you need to be very cautious:
  • Before you enter into your car, first look around your car and then carefully check the back seat, the passenger side floor, etc.
  • If you notice a van parked right next to you, don’t go near your car and call the police. If you decide to go into your car, enter from the passenger side. Experts explain that women are easy targets and serial killers to attack their victims while they are entering their cars.
  • If you notice car parked on the driver’s side of your car and you see a man sitting on the passenger side, simply go back and ask for help. Find someone to accompany you until you enter your car.
  • If you live in a building you should be aware of the fact that elevator is much safer option than the stairs. Always use the elevator, especially during the night because the staircases may be really dangerous place.
  • This scenario might seem impossible, but unfortunately it doesn’t happen only in the movies. If the attacker has a gun pointed at you but if he is too far and you estimate that he doesn’t have control on the situation, you should run as fast as you can. Experts explain that according to studies, there is possibility the attacker to hit you 4 out of 100 times. Luckily, even if that happens, it is most likely that the wound will not be life threatening. So, run fast in a zig-zag pattern because that might save your life.
  • The attackers might play on your sympathy and make you an easy target. You should be very careful because sympathetic persons, especially women might be very dangerous, so, if you are not cautious, they can rape or even kill you.

The famous serial killer, Ted Bundy was very handsome and educated person. He easily lured his victims with a cane and a limp by asking women to help him enter his car.

  • Don’t ever let anyone to get you out of your house during the night. No matter if you hear strange noise, someone asking for a help or crying baby, you should not go out, instead – call the police. If you leave your house you become target and the attacker easily can abduct you.

One woman had luck because she called the police when she heard a baby crying near her house. The police told the woman to stay inside because they suspect that there is a serial killer. Namely, the killer lured the victims with a baby’s cry recorded on his phone.

Another method that attackers use to get the victims out of their house is by turning on all of the outside taps to full blast, so people think that there is a burst pipe in their yard.

Don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends because these useful tips might save someone’s life. You should bear in mind that there are crazy people out there that are capable to do really frightening things.