Mandarin oranges also known as tangerines are orange-colored citrus fruit. This fruit is variety of oranges but, tangerines are small citrus fruit has a loose skin and have sweeter and juicy flesh.

This tasty fruit is packed with nutrients and antioxidant properties and offers numerous health benefits. Namely, tangerines are abundant with vitamin C and this vitamin is powerful treatment for common cold and flu, arthritis and also has antiviral and anticancer activity. Tangerines contain natural soluble and insoluble fiber and it is scientifically proved that this fiber can prevent cholesterol and improves the work of the digestive system. In addition to this, the mandarin organs are rich source o flavonoid antioxidants and iron. We can conclude that tangerines are remarkable fruit and are extremely beneficial for the health of the heart and in same time prevent obesity.

You can buy tangerines in the local grocery store, but what about growing your own tangerine tree that is organic? People who live in tropical or sub-tropical regions can grow this tree in their garden, but another option is to plant this tree in a pot. The procedure is super easy and all you need to is few tangerine seeds, pot and soil. Now you can have your own tangerines that are100% organic.

How to Grow Tangerines at Home

Preparation and Planting

In order to grow tangerine tree you will need a medium-sized flower pot. It is important to take a pot with holes at the bottom. First of all place small stones and a bit of sand on the bottom of the pot and after that add organic soil. Next step is to put 2-3 tangerine seeds in the soil and then cover them well with ½ inch of potting soil. You should press the firmly into the soil and after that cover the pot with a plastic bag. On this way you will promote germination. Last, but not least, you should place the flower pot in area with plenty of sunlight.

  • Care

It is extremely important to keep the potting mixture moist. Occasionally you should ad some fertilizer that contains zinc, magnesium and iron. With a proper care, within 3 weeks the seedling should develop. Once the seedling is developed you should remove the plastic and move the pot to a place with a direct sunlight. Over time, as your tangerine tree grows, you should transfer it into a larger container.

Don’t forget to water the tangerines regularly and cut the broken branches.

  • Light

In order to grow tangerine tree you need to place the pot in a direct sunlight for 8-12 hours a day. It is advisable to place your tree near the window. You can promote the growth of the tangerines by using a supplemental light.

  • Temperature

Ideal temperature for growing a tangerine tree is70–80°F (21–27°C) during day and no lower than 55°F (13°C) at night. If is well watered, the tangerine tree can tolerate even lower and higher temperatures.

  • Pests

You should keep in mind that tangerines are susceptible to spider mites, mealy bugs and scale. In order to prevent damage you need to check your tangerine tree regularly and also you should apply insecticidal soap. For mild infestations you can apply rubbing alcohol using a Q-tip.