Did you know that you can save someone’s life with a needle? Even though it sounds quite weird, according to Chinese medicine, a needle can help you to save a patient’s life from a stroke. This certainly is unconventional and yet amazing way to help to someone, but it really works!

You should always keep a needle or a syringe in your house and even in your wallet or makeup bag because you never know when someone’s life may depend on you.

Stroke occurs when the blood supply to patient’s brain is interrupted or reduced. Namely, when the patient has a stroke — the capillaries of the brain are gradually tearing and immediate reaction and medical assistance is crucial.

How to recognize a stroke?

F.A.S.T. is an acronym that will help you to determine if the patient is having a stroke:

Facial drooping – one side of the patient’s face is drooping and the patient cannot move. Crooked smile is the easiest way to recognize that;

Arm weakness – the patient is not capable to raise the arm;

Speech difficulties – inability to speak and difficulty to understand what others are saying

Time – if you notice any of these signs, it is crucial to call the ambulance – immediately

In such situation you need to stay calm. Call the ambulance and start with the procedure.

First of all, it is important to tell the victim to lie down and not to move. Keep in mind that if the patient moves, the capillaries easily might burst which furthermore might lead to brain bleeding.

After that, take a needle of a syringe, but a sewing needle also might help. Keep the needle over the fire, a lighter or candle in order to sterilize it and then carefully prick the tips of all 10 fingers of the victim.

The procedure is quite simple: there is no specific acupuncture and the hole should be a few millimeters from the nail. If the blood does not start to drip, gently squeeze the patient’s fingers to make the blood flow.

Once all 10 fingers start bleeding, wait for a few minutes and the patient will feel much better. In case if the patient’s mouth is distorted, gently massage his/her ears until they become red in order to improve the circulation. Once the blood reaches there, carefully prick the needle in the soft part of each ear. Wait until you see two drops of blood from each ear and after a few minutes the patient’s mouth will no longer be distorted.

This method is part of the traditional Chinese medicine and practice has shown that this is the most efficient method to help someone to survive a stroke.