In order to prepare some dish, you will need pot or pan. For preparation of your meals, whether you should cook or boil something, you need adequate kitchens tools. What type of pots and pans do you use?

For the preparation of the dishes, people use pots or pans. Well, in order to prepare the food, whether to cook or to boil, you need adequate kitchens tools.

Caldero’s are made of thick metal materials. These materials make the container powerful enough to withstand long in the fire but also to conduct heat to foods inside the container. When the manufacturer uses adequate materials which efficiently conduct heat to the food you actually can cook your meal.

Over time, as a result of constant exposure to heat, pans and pots that we use undergo on many changes including burning or losing their color and original shape. Due to everyday use, the containers we use for cooking get very dirty on clusters and burns fat and that is the reason why many people decide to throw the old pans and pots away and buy new ones as a replacement.

Even when you buy new pots and pans, over time, once again as a result of daily use, the new containers will get dirty. After that, you will need new pans and pots and this substitution costs a lot.

Next time before you throw the old containers, try some of these tricks. Instead of throwing away, you can clean your pans and pots and use them much longer.

Below we are going to present you several techniques and methods that are incredibly efficient. All you need is few simple ingredients and your containers will be like brand new. Instead of spending money on new containers, you can prepare many meals in your old ones.

Tips to clean the dirty pans and pots:  

  • Glue and soap

Take suitable container (big enough to pour the water and put the pans and pots inside) and pour 4 liters of water and put the container on heat. Once the water starts boiling, add 1 tablespoon grated soap and glue. Leave it boil for few minutes and then put the pots or pans you want to clean. Let it stay for 30 minutes and rinse off using water.

  • Soda

In order to cleanse pots and pans made of stainless steel or aluminum you can use soda. All you should do is to dissolve soda in hot water and after that wash the dishes. You can enhance the effect by adding vinegar.

  • Salt

This procedure is very simple and easy: in a suitable container pour water and add salt. Boil the pan or pot for 1 hour.

  • Citric acid

Prepare mixture of citric acid and boiled water and after that cover the pans or pots you want to clean. This will remove all dirt that is accumulated.