A caring mother, a diligent housewife and a devoted wife are just a few of many characteristics that each husband expects from his spouse. During the marriage, women are expected to deal with all the chaos that children, home and workplace can bring to the marriage and it’s no surprise that many women experience stress along the way.

But what about the husband? Is it possible that the husband induces more stress than the everyday tasks?

In certain societies it seems that women simply can’t rely on the partner, but she doesn’t have choice but to parent him.

The real question is: Why?

In many families, woman is the person who plays chef, teacher, doctor, maid, and also make plans for the events such as dates in the relationship, birthdays, family lunches and so on.

The role of superwomen is really difficult and challenging and sooner or later women simply lose their impetus and enthusiasm. This tense situation affects the eternal happiness of each member of the family as well as the work that women do outside of the home.

According to a survey in which were included over 7,000 moms, the average woman rates her stress level an 8.5 out of 10. In addition to that, scientists came to discovery that up to 46% of the participants said that their partners cause more stress than their kids.

This survey also showed that 3 out of 4 moms with partners reported that they do most of the household duties and parenting responsibilities. Researchers explain that 1 in 5 moms also reported that they don’t have enough time for their partner, which is really stressful. Moms also complained about the fact they simply don’t have enough time for all daily duties.

Scientists concluded that the daily stress has a negative impact on the mom’s health, but also affects the health of the partner.

A study conducted by the University of Padova came to discovery that if the wife passes away, the husband cannot deal with all responsibilities and in a short period of time, his health deteriorates. On the other hand, if the husband passes away, the wife becomes much stronger and healthier.

How to Fix the Problem: first step in fixing the problem is talking with the spouse/ partner about it. Experts suggest making a list of the daily duties and make an agreement to split the duties. By splitting the duties, both partners will have more free time for the family and the stress will be reduces.

Sometimes the woman doesn’t fully trust the husband with the duties, but that is really demanding and exhausting. However, women should always keep in mind that they are team and they need to trust their husbands and get some alone time to relax. If that means playing in the muddy yard with kids – then so be it!