In today’s article we are going to present you the 28-day planking challenge that will help you to get the perfectly shaped body figure you have dreamed for. Namely, with the help of this simple exercise you can strengthen your core in only 4 minutes a day. Isn’t that great? People from all around the world already accepted this challenge, so what are you waiting for?

According to fitness experts, when it comes to strengthening the core of the body, the plank is one of the most efficient exercises.

Initially the plank position seems very easy and that is the reason why many beginners simply skip this exercise. But, this exercise actually is the most powerful workout and along with the core, the plank exercise strengthens the muscles of arms, legs and buttocks, as well. It is interesting to mention that compared to sit-ups, the plank sheds up more fat deposits and in same time strengthens both internal and external muscles of the back and core.

This exercise itself involves remaining in the push-up position and while performing this exercise, the muscles work in a similar way as with push-ups. To be more precise, the plank position will make your muscles more durable and stronger.

While you are exercising, each day builds upon the last and at the end of every week you should set a new goal and accept new challenges.


As it is already mentioned, this challenge is supposed to last 28 days and as time passes by, you should gradually increase the intensity of exercising. Initially you should hold the plank position for 20 seconds and 28 days later you are supposed to hold the position 4 minutes. Eventually, you muscles will be emphasized and that will prepare your body for bigger challenges.


First of all it is important to highlight that the way you perform this exercise strongly affects the final outcome. While you are in plank position it is extremely important keep the upper body in a perfectly straight line while lifting yourself on the elbows and leaning on your toes. Also, it is important to keep your neck and head in the extension of the back. While you are in this position you should take deep breaths with assistance of your abdominal muscles. You should make an effort and stay in this position the entire time.

Make sure that your weight is distributed on the elbows and feet so that you strain the glutes.


Day 1: 20 seconds
Day 2: 20 seconds
Day 3: 30 seconds
Day 4:  30 seconds
Day 5:  40 seconds
Day 6:  rest
Day 7:  45 seconds
Day 8:  45 seconds
Day 9:  60 seconds
Day 10:  60 seconds
Day 11:  60 seconds
Day 12:  90 seconds
Day 13:  rest
Day 14:  90 seconds
Day 15:  90 seconds
Day 16:  120 seconds
Day 17:  120 seconds
Day 18:  150 seconds
Day 19:  rest
Day 20:  150 seconds
Day 21:  150 seconds
Day 22:  180 seconds
Day 23:  180 seconds
Day 24:  210 seconds
Day 25:  rest
Day 26:  210 seconds
Day 27:  240 seconds
Day 28:  longest you can

Even though it seems too simple and easy, the very first 20 seconds while you are in the plank position will show you that you are wrong: this exercise is really demanding and extremely efficient.