When it comes to finding the ideal hairstyle, the face shape assumes the greatest part. Below you can read several tips about how to choose the best hairstyle. Find your face-shape and read our suggestion.

Oval face – if you have oval face shape you definitely should not have a straight and long hair. The best hairstyle for this face shape is wavy hair with layers that will complement the cute cheekbones.

Round face – if you have round face and if you have a straight hair, medium length is the best hair style for you as it will emphasize your cheekbones. For women who have wavy hair, layered medium-length hair style is perfect choice as the final goal is to get a pyramid shape, which completely will differentiate the roundness. This hairstyle will emphasize the structure of the bones.

Heart-molded face – if you have a straight hair and heart-formed face you can try different hairstyles. Our suggestion is to try the mega prevalent pixie hair style. Moreover, a multi-layered weave is a great choice for your face shape. If you have wavy hair, the layered hair style is best choice.

Square face – for women who have straight hair and square face, a medium length hair style is best choice. The same refers to ladies who have wavy hair – the medium length hair style is the best. Also, our suggestion is to try a layered hair style with a few short wisps falling through your brow.