Have you ever asked yourself what is the cause of the dark patches on the neck, armpits and inner thighs? –Well the cause of them is waxing, shaving, using deodorants and sun exposure.

Also if a person is suffering from diabetes, obesity or gastrointestinal or genitourinary cancer, dark spots can appear on those areas. It is the same if a person is having hormonal treatments.

Many people hate those dark spots and they want so badly to find a solution to that problem and they waste their money and time on beauty treatments and on products that are filled with chemicals. Luckily for those who have that problem, this article will help you with getting rid of those dark spots and also you can save a lot of money and time with it.

All you will need to eliminate the dark spots is sodium bicarbonate, olive oil and salt (1 tablespoon of all). You should use sea salt and the olive oil should be extra virgin.

In order to prepare this solution for dark spots mix all the ingredients in plastic bowl, until it becomes smooth cream. You should apply that on the skin where you have dark patches and to leave it to stay for 20 minutes and to rinse it off with cold water at the end.

There is another effective way for this problem and for this method you will need white clay, milk and lemon. It is recommended to use skim milk.

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and apply it on the skin where you have dark patches and leave it for 15 minutes to stay and afterwards rinse it off with cold water.

You can choose which method suits you the best, both of them are really effective. You should do the chosen method 3 times weekly, until you notice improvements.

Also if you start using some of these 2 treatments make sure you are not on sun exposure without using appropriate cream with UV protection. Drink plenty of water during the treatment and consume foods rich in vitamin E.