Castor oil contains essential nutrients that are incredibly beneficial for the overall health. Namely, the castor oil possesses powerful medicinal benefits, for instance it is used as a laxative, as an immune system stimulant, analgesic, etc. In addition to that, this natural oil is used in cosmetics as an ingredient in soaps, massage oils, products for skin and hair care, etc.
Castor oil is cheap and easy available product, but many people avoid to use it due to its sticky and thick structure.

As it mentioned above, the castor oil is particularly efficient when is used for skin and hair treatment, and below we are going to explain you how to use this oil.

Have you ever tried to apply castor oil directly on your hair? Well, it is almost impossible and before use you should dilute it.

The procedure is very simple: mix equal amounts of castor oil and coconut oil and that’s it. Apply this remarkable hair mask on your scalp and leave it act for at least 1 hour. After that, wash your hair as usual. In order to achieve best results it is advisable to use this mask twice a week. Very soon you will notice incredible improvements – your hair will become shiny and super soft. Moreover, this powerful oil will prevent the hair fall and your hair will become thicker.

The castor oil treatment is incredibly powerful and will help you to get rid of the split ends and also will solve the problem with dry hair. All you should do is to take 2-3 drops of castor oil, warm it up with your palms and apply it on the ends. Leave it act overnight and wash your hair in the morning.