Have you ever been in a situation like this: you are prepared for an important evening, so you are wearing your best dress, your makeup is perfect, hairstyle is flawless and you have a beautiful manicure, but just before going out, you reach into your purse to correct your lipstick, and one nail cracks? That certainly is horrible situation and you probably are really nervous, but there is no need for panic.

Most of you would decide to shorten up the nail, but luckily, there is one simple trick that will help you to “fix” your nail.

This little trick is magnificent: with the help of an ordinary tea bag and a transparent nail polish you can “fix” your broken nail – it is as simple as that.

The paper from which the tea bags are made is sufficiently thin and flexible and it is perfect for temporally replacement of the top of your broken nail. Moreover, the tea bag is light and you won’t even notice that it actually is there.

Here is the procedure:

Take a tea bag and cut it to the width you need and make sure that the paper fits the particular finger nail. Paint your broken nail with a transparent nail polish and right after that, carefully stick the paper on the nail. Let the nail polish to dry and by using a nail file, shape the upper part of your nail. Finally, apply another layer of a transparent nail polish and let it dry.

Well, that’s it! Your broken nail is “fixed” and you can go out and have fun!