In today’s article we are going to present you a method or better said exercise that is incredibly efficient and with regular exercising, within three weeks you can reduce your abdomen. This is a clever technique that often is used in yoga and it is called “iron” exercise. With the help of this exercise, your outer abdominals will be strengthened and in same time your waist size seduced. In period of 3 to 4 weeks you can get flat stomach.

Namely, this is breathing routine that activates the transverse abdominal muscle.

By performing this exercise regularly, you can get the desired results even faster. In order to get the flat stomach you have always wished for, you should make at least 5 repetition of this exercise.


It is important to highlight that at the beginning it will take longer and it will be quite difficult to keep your stomach muscles stretched. But, over time as you exercise, it will become easier and easier and you will need less effort to perform this exercise.

Starting position: first lie on your back, put your hands beside the body and make sure that your knees are bent. Relax your muscles and inhale and then exhale really slowly. It is important to make sure that your body muscles are unforced while you are voting air from the lungs. After voting the air from the lungs you should stretch your stomach muscles and try to inward your stomach as much as possible. While you are doing this, you should stop breathing. Keep your stomach inward for 10-15 seconds and then breathe slowly and continue sinking your stomach. After doing this you should not relax your stomach and you should keep breathing for 10-15 seconds and again you should sink your stomach.

Note: If you find it difficult to keep breathing, you can take short inhalations.

After this, exhale, relax your stomach and breathe normally. Then, release the air from your lungs and sink your stomach as much as you can. You need to stretch the muscles of your stomach and try not to breathe and push the stomach up.

With the help of this exercise you can strengthen the muscles of your stomach in only three weeks. In same time you can reduce the size of your waist.