In today’s article we are going to present you a natural toner that will cleanse your skin, but also will make it soft and shiny. For this purpose you will need only one simple ingredient: rice water.

Japanese women are using rice water for thousands of years and this toner actually is the secret for their youthful and perfect complexion.

Experts explain that the rice water is incredibly beneficial for the skin as it is abundant with vitamins and minerals. Namely, rice water contains Vitamins B1, C, E and minerals which have the ability to remove the acne, dark spots and scars, but in same time efficiently tighten and shrink the skin pores. In addition to that, the rice water prevents the occurrence of wrinkles and reduces the fine lines.

The best part about this natural DIY rice-water toner is suitable for all skin types and even after the first use you will notice that your skin is extremely soft and glowing.

Rice Water Toner Recipe


  • ½ cup rice
  • Water

Note: you can use any type of rice, but it is advisable to use either Jasmine or white rice.


Put the rice in a colander and rinse it with plenty of water in order to remove the dirt or debris. After that, put the rice into a pot and pour water (you should cover the rice with water) and leave it sit in water for 15 minutes. During this time, the vitamins and minerals contained in the rice will seep into the water. Next step is to drain the rice and store the rice-water in a jar.

Store the rice-water in the fridge for up to 5 days. After that, you must discard the leftover of your rice-water.

Extra tip: you can use the rice and prepare some meal.

How to Use The Rice Water

You can use your DIY rice-water in a couple of different ways:

Cleansing water: use the rice-water instead of regular water. On this way you will infuse your skin with vitamins and minerals contained in this natural liquid.

Toner: take a cotton pad and soak it into the rice-water and then rub your face and neck. Repeat this procedure in the morning and before bedtime.

The DIY rice-water toner will tighten your skin immediately after applying it on your skin. Your skin will look brighter and it will be incredibly soft. This toner is particularly beneficial for people who have acne – with a regular use you will notice incredible improvements.

For the preparation of this natural liquid you need only 15 minutes, but it also is cheap and it is extremely efficient.