In today’s article we are going to present you DIY face mask that is completely natural and targets many different skin issues, including dry skin, oily/ acne prone skin and aging skin.

For the preparation of this mask you will need 3 ingredients that are completely natural, easy available and cheap: cucumber, oats and yogurt. The combination of these powerful ingredients is incredibly efficient and suitable for any skin type, even for sensitive skin.

DIY Cucumber Face Mask Benefits

Cucumber: cucumber will provide your skin amazing, cooling sensation that is particularly important for sensitive and acne prone skin. In same time, the cucumber will hydrate the dry and parched skin, but also will revitalize the tired and dull skin. Additionally, the cucumber has the ability to balance the skin on a completely natural way, so if you have a skin imbalance, cucumber is the ingredient you need.

Oatmeal: oatmeal has the ability to calm the skin and also efficiently reduces the pore size. This ingredient has a peeling effect and gently will scrub off dead skin cells. Oatmeal is particularly beneficial for sensitive skin, but also is great for aging skin.

Yogurt: yoghurt contains lactic acid that will slough off dead skin cells and in same time will revitalize the dull skin. Yoghurt is suitable for any skin type, especially for dry, unbalanced skin.

DIY face mask


  • ½ raw cucumber
  • 1 tablespoon natural, plain yogurt
  • 2-3 tablespoons oats

Method of preparation:

In a blender or food processor add the cucumber and yogurt and mix until you get a homogenous paste. After that, add the oats (one tablespoon a time) and blend again.

Note: depending on the amount of juices that the cucumber contains, you may need less or more oats. Add as much oats as you need to get a homogenous paste that has a face mask consistency.

How to Use the DIY Cucumber Face Mask:

Apply this DIY mask all over your face and neck and make sure to avoid the eye area. Leave the mask to act for 20–25 minutes. You can lie down and relax. In order to maximize the effects, place cucumber slices over your eyes.

In order to remove the mask easily, it is advisable to wet your hands with some warm water and gently massage the mask. Rinse off with lukewarm water and pat dry. Apply a moisturizer.

Use this mask twice a week and soon you will notice that the skin pores are reduced, the wrinkles and fine are less visible and your skin is silky smooth.

Note: if you have any left over mask, you can store it in a suitable container and place it in the fridge. You can use the mask within 3-4 days.