In today’s article we are going to present you a weight loss plan that is incredibly efficient, healthy and delicious. The boiled egg diet will provide you amazing results in only 2 weeks: you can expect to lose from 12 to 16 lbs in 14 days. Isn’t that great?

This diet regimen will speed up your metabolism and will decrease the fat in your organism. During this period, it is extremely important to stay hydrated, so you should drink at least 8 glasses of water on a daily basis. In addition to that, you should avoid junk food, processed food, foods that contain high amounts of sugar and salt and soft drinks.

So, let’s start:

The breakfast for the boiled egg diet is the same every day: 1–2 boiled eggs (hard or soft, as you prefer) and 1 fruit (a grapefruit or an orange)

1st day:

Lunch: 2 apples and 2 sweet potatoes

Dinner: large plate of salad and chicken meat

2nd day:

Lunch: green vegetable salad or chicken salad

Dinner: 2 boiled eggs, 1 orange and vegetable salad

3rd day:

Lunch: some cheese, 1 tomato and a few slices of sweet potato

Dinner: chicken salad

4th day:

Lunch: 1 fruit

Dinner: chicken salad

5th day:

Lunch: steamed vegetables or vegetable salad and 2 boiled eggs

Dinner: some vegetable salad and grilled fish

6th day:

Lunch: 1 fruit

Dinner: steamed green vegetables and chicken

7th day:

Lunch: tomato salad, steamed green vegetables and a piece of chicken meat

Dinner: steamed green vegetables

According to many nutritionists, this diet is the best way to detox your organism and lose the extra pounds without any health consequences. In order to get the desired results, follow this diet plan in two weeks.