Anja Ringgren Loven is Danish aid worker who was working and volunteering in Nigeria. There she found an abandoned boy who looked really bad and was in really bad health condition. This little boy piteously was calling for help but the locals believed that he is a witch.

This little boy was left to starve and Anja decided to took him. Even this boy had health problems, now he is recovering well. Anja Ringgren named the little boy Hope. She says that this boy is real proof that people should believe even in the impossible.

Anja Ringgren has more than 250,000 followers on Facebook and almost every day attaches photos of her aid work.

On her Facebook profile, Anja Ringgren posted a selfie of her and Hope. The photo received more than 17000 likes.

As Anja explains, she gets a lot of questions about the lithe boy named Hope. She says that she is amazed of all the love that kids from all over the world send. For Anja, this boy is a little miracle and she says: “where there is love, there is life”.

On her profile, Anja wrote that the reason why she gave the little boy this name is because he is really special to her. On her fingers she had tattooed HOPE many years ago and to her it meant “Help One Person Everyday”.

We must say that this boy looks really great now.