The secret for happy marriage and functional relationship are loyal and understandable partners who are committed and dedicated to their love.

According to experts, over the last decade, young generations have many difficulties to stay committed and dedicated to their partners. Moreover, the percentage of divorced people and unhappy marriages is significantly increased.

Marriage counselors explain that these are the 6 most common mistakes that slowly but surely ruin the relationship.

  1. Expecting from your partner to change because of you

It is fact that we all have flaws and each person has a specific character. But, one of the biggest mistakes in any relationship is to expect from the partner to change according to your desires. Even if the partner decides to change his/her opinion “for the sake of love”, you should never expect that the partner will change will be according to your imagination. If you want a happy relationship, it is extremely important to accept your partner on the way she or he is.

  1. Allowing a third person to interfere

This is one of the biggest mistakes that definitely will ruin the relationship or the marriage. If partners have an issue, they need to talk face to face and solve the problem. If a third person interferes in the relationship, it is most likely that the things will become much worse.

Marriage counseling is an exception as in this case, partners will get advice and assistance from a specialist.

  1. Neglecting the emotional and physical needs of the partner

If you neglect your partner’s needs, whether it’s about his/her emotional or physical needs, there are high chances that your partner will start looking for someone else who will understand his/her needs. Regardless of the situation you are going trough and no matter how busy you are, you should never forget to say “I love you” to your partner.

  1. Disrespecting differences

We all are different in some way and there are not two identical persons in this world. You need to respect your partner, regardless of the differences between you.

  1. Not accepting fault

The stronger the ego is the more difficult is to accept the fault. However, any time you are arguing with your partner, you need to keep in mind that he/she is the person you love. So, next time you argue about something, offer a sincerest apology and say that you are sorry. Don’t let some tiny problem to ruin your relationship or marriage.

  1. Lack of communication

Communication is one of the most important aspects for each relationship. You should talk to your partner, talk about your feeling, plans or simply how was your day. No matter if the problem is small, you need to communicate and tell your partner your opinion about the situation.