Vaseline is a type of petroleum jelly that has a wide range of uses. Most commonly this product is used as an ointment and lubricant, but in today’s article we are going to present you 50 trick uses of Vaseline:

  1. Apply Vaseline on your eyelashes before bedtime. This product will make your eyelashes longer and much
  2. You can have perfectly smooth feet with the help of Vaseline. All you should do is to massage your feet with Vaseline every night before going to sleep.
  3. Vaseline is great for your skin. Apply some of in on your elbows and your skin will become soft and smooth.
  4. Apply a bit of Vaseline on the cuticles, several times a day. Use regularly and your nails will look much better.
  5. If your lips are chapped all you need is some
  6. You can use Vaseline instead of lip gloss. This product will make your lips look fuller and shiny.
  7. If you want to have a colored and flavored lip gloss all you should do is to mix the Vaseline with a bit of Kool-Aid powder.
  8. Another option is to mix Vaseline and 1 chocolate chip and then melt the mixture in the microwave. Store in suitable container and once it is cooled you can apply it on the lips.
  9. Apply some Vaseline on the spots you usually spray perfume. On this way, the smell will last much longer.
  10. Vaseline doesn’t clog the pores, but it fills the gaps in lipid barriers. This product is great for people who have acne – it will make the skin shiny and it also will even the complexion.
  11. Vaseline is perfect for moisturizing the skin.
  12. Apply some Vaseline on your knees and massage them. This will soften the rough skin on the knees!
  13. You can prepare a homemade peeling by mixing sea salt and some Vaseline. Use it before taking a shower.
  14. Vaseline is perfect for a shoulder massage.
  15. Warm up some Vaseline and use it as night cream.
  16. Use Vaseline as a makeup removal. All you should do is to soak a cotton ball into Vaseline and then gently remove the makeup from your skin.
  17. Before going out apply some Vaseline as a body lotion during cold, winter days. It will protect your skin from the cold weather.
  18. In order to create a shiny effect, apply a bit of Vaseline before putting the eye shadow.
  19. By applying Vaseline on your cheeks you will get a youthful look.
  20. It is advisable to apply Vaseline after shaving and thus get perfectly smooth skin.
  21. Apply a bit Vaseline under the cuticles before doing a manicure. On this way you will feel less pain in the fingers.
  22. If you have problems with scaly skin which appears due to washing it is highly advisable to apply some Vaselin This great product will fill the lines with vitamins and will reduce the symptoms.
  23. In order to put the earrings more easily and without pain you can apply Vaseline on the ear lobes.
  24. Vaseline is perfect for strengthening of the fingernails.
  25. Mix Vaseline and some lipstick and use the mixture as a cream blusher for the cheeks.
  26. With the help of Vaseline you can take off the ring super easy.
  27. Vaseline is great for the bushy eyebrows. You will need a clean lash wand and comb the brows – as simple as that.
  28. Instead of mascara, apply a bit of Vaseline. This will make your lashes look natural and it will give them defined dark look.
  29. If you want a shiny hair – all you need is Vaseline. Simply rub in a dime-sized drop of Vaseline through the scalp before shampooing. Wash your hair as usual.
  30. Instead of lotion you can apply some Vaseline on the sensitive areas of your body which are prone to chaffing.
  31. Vaseline is good for patients who have had some cosmetic surgery as it helps the healing process.
  32. If you dandruff and if you have issues with scaling and itchiness, all you should do is apply Vaseline onto your scalp before shampooing.
  33. Vaseline has a healing effect in lesions caused by poison ivy.
  34. This product is extremely efficient when is used for atopic eczema.
  35. People who have new tattoos should apply Vaseline. After applying Vaseline on the tattoo, you will experience nice and cool feeling.
  36. Before dying your hair apply some Vaseline around the hairline and onto the ears. This will prevent the blemishes or burning sensation during hair dying.
  37. Use Vaseline to shine your shoes. Simply apply some Vaseline on clean cloth and then carefully clean your shoe
  38. In order to get a messy hair look, apply a little bit of Vaseline on your fingers and go through the hair.
  39. You can solve the issue with dry and split ends by applying a bit of Vaseline onto the hair ends.
  40. With the help of Vaseline you can clean the makeup stains from your The procedure is very simple: rub in some Vaseline on the stain and then rinse it off.
  41. You can prevent drying of the nail polish on the cap by applying a bit of Vaseline onto your neck of the nail polish bottles.
  42. With the help you Vaseline you can make the old nail polish look like a new again. Simply rub a small amount of Vaseline over the polished nails.
  43. You can obtain new colors by mixing some Vaseline and eye shadow. Also, you can get a more solid eye shadow with a richer color and a nice
  44. Combine your lotion with Vaseline and apply it on your skin.
  45. First put some Vaseline on the lips and after several minutes brush the lips gently with a toothbrush. This will make your lips smoother than ever.
  46. With the help of Vaseline you can remove the false eyelash glue super easy and you won’t feel any
  47. In order to prevent uneven tanning, before applying tanning lotions, it is advisable to apply Vaseline on the dry spots of your body.
  48. You can apply Vaseline all over the body during flights and thus prevent associated dryness.