If you are dreaming about long and glowing hair, you definitely should try some of these 5 natural oils for hair growth. These natural oils will penetrate and will cherish your hair.

Instead of using hair masks that contain chemicals that might damage your hair, our advice is to try these natural oils. With a regular use, the oil will hydrate the dry strands and scalp and will strengthen your hair, repair the damaged hair follicles and in same time will encourage fast hair growth.

How to use oils for hair growth:

#1 – choose the natural oil that suits you best and heat enough to cover the entire hair. Then, wet your hair and apply the oil on your hair. Next step is to cover your head with a warm and damp towel and leave the oil to act for at least 1 hour.

#2 – apply the oil on dry hair and massage into scalp. Leave it act for at least 1 hour, but in order to get best results, it is advisable to let it act overnight.

  1. Olive Oil

Olive oil is abundant with vitamin E that is incredibly beneficial for hair growth. In addition to that, olive oil efficiently prevents dandruff.

  1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has the ability to strengthen the hair and will repair the split ends. Also, this remarkable oil will restore the shine and smoothness of your hair.

  1. Jojoba Oil

When it comes to prevention of dryness and breakage of the hair, jojoba oil is one of the best choices. Jojoba oil also will prevent hair loss.

  1. Castor Oil

Castor oil will nourish your scalp and the hair follicles, but in same time will boost the hair growth. Namely, studies proved that castor oil increases the blood circulation and thus promotes healthy hair growth.

  1. Argan Oil

Over the last few years, Argan oil became very popular due to its amazing properties. This natural oil efficiently rejuvenates the dry, breaking and damaged hair. Argan oil is rich source of vitamin E and it is a natural antioxidant.

Choose the oil that suits you best and apply it 2-3 times a week. With a regular use, within only few weeks your hair will become much stronger, longer and incredibly shiny!