Today, as a result of the fast and unhealthy lifestyle, people are under tremendous stress that has negative impact on the entire organism: body and mind, as well.

Every day the human brain processes lots of new information and major part of the people of the world constantly are exposed to electromagnetic radiation. All these factors negatively affect people and millions of people worldwide are suffering from sleep disturbances, increased anxiety levels and many people are susceptible to depression

Moreover, our brains need to process lots of new information daily, and we are exposed to constant electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, numerous people suffer from sleep disturbances, increased anxiety levels and susceptibility to depression. In addition to that, medical experts warn that the number of people suffering from Alzheimer’s and mental illnesses is dramatically increased over the last decade.

The only way to prevent occurrence and to treat these health issues is to make changes in the lifestyle. First and most important thing is to start consuming healthy food, but you also should start exercising regularly. It is advisable to start with walks in nature where you can relax your body and mind.

In addition to that, you can start using various herbal remedies as they are extremely helpful and will calm your nervous system and will help you to manage chronic stress.

Below we are going to present you 4 herbs that are extremely beneficial. It is scientifically proved that these natural herbs are efficient treatment of anxiety, depression, reduction of stress and in same time will boost your mental abilities.

  • Ginkgo – Ginkgo Biloba, or Maiden hair-tree

Ginkgo is deciduous tree originating from China. This tree is an old, tall tree with fan-shaped leaves, round yellow flowers and yellowish fruits. Since ancient times people use it due to its remarkable medicinal properties.

It is scientifically proved that it contains high amounts of antioxidants – terpenoids, which efficiently prevent organ damage and in same time support heart health. This tree is used for treatment of poor blood circulation. This tree boosts the memory and many people call it “the brain herb”.

Recent scientific study in which were included patients who are suffering from dementia patients, showed that daily use of ginkgo Biloba supplements is extremely beneficial as it enhances circulation and oxygen flow to the brain. In addition to that, Gingko nurtures nerve cells which are affected by dementia.

This tree provides the same effects as some of the medicines which are used for prevention of the early symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Undoubtedly, this tree is much better solution than use of drugs, as it is completely natural.

The gingko extract contains a substance that can be used for treatment of anxiety disorders.

There are studies which have proved that this herb preserves eye health and it is particularly beneficial in the case of macular degeneration.

  • Rosemary- Rosmarinus officinalis, or “Dew of the Sea”

Rosemary an evergreen aromatic shrub of the mint family. This perennial plant has needles-like leaves and small pastel-colored flowers. This plant originates from southern Europe. The rosemary possesses potent memory-improving effects and it is used for millenia.

The professor Mark Moss and his team from the University of Northumbria made an experiment with intention to examine the effect of rosemary oil on future memory. 60 of the participants of this interesting experiment spent time in rooms filled with rosemary oil scent in combination with two other types of oils. After certain period of time, researchers made laboratory tests in order to check the memory of the participants. The results of the tests were really interesting. Namely, the participants who were exposed to the rosemary oil infusion experienced dramatical improvements and the reason for that is the compound called 1,8-cineole contained in this oil.

Scientists explain that rosemary is extremely efficient in reducing stress, but in same time prevents free radical damage, soothes inflammation. Additionally, this herb is high in iron, calcium, and vitamin B and you can add it to your favorite meals, prepare rosemary tea or use rosemary oil that you can buy in healthy food stores.

  • Ginseng – Panax Quinquefolius

Ginseng is a slow-growing perennial plant with fleshy root and it is native to eastern Asia and North America. This plant offers extremely powerful anti-inflammatory, mood-enhancing and brain-boosting properties. It is important to mention that the Asian sort of ginseng – the Panax ginseng is the most powerful species due to its medicinal components.

Scientists investigated the benefit that ginseng supplements have on Alzheimer’s disease. Namely, daily use of these supplements in period of 3 months provides great enhancement in the cognitive functions at patients who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

In addition to that, the ginseng is natural and completely safe alternative for treatment of disorders like ADHD and ADD.

  • Peppermint – Mentha Piperita

Peppermint is a hybrid mint that is derived from Europe and the Middle East, but today is cultivated worldwide. Peppermint offers many health benefits, including: soothes stomach issues, improves the breathing and boosts the overall health.

People usually use the aromatic leaves of the Peppermint plant. Namely, you can chew the leaves, ingest them, add them in various dishes or prepare peppermint tea.

Dr. Bryan Raudenbush from the Wheeling Jesuit University conducted a study in which he investigated the effects of the inhaling of the peppermint aroma. The results showed that this aroma supports the brain function and in same time boosts the reasoning, problem-solving abilities, judgemental and ability for memorizing.

In addition to that, this study showed that peppermint aroma is extremely efficient in lowering anxiety levels, but also calms and relaxes the mind and reduces fatigue.

As Dr. Raudenbush claims, inhaling peppermint aroma increases the oxygen levels in the blood and refreshes and arouses the body and mind.

The studies that support these claims were published in the International Journal of Neuroscience.

Important note: before you start using any herbal supplements you need to consult with your doctor. These herbs are extremely powerful and may interact with certain types of medicines.