Sciatic nerve is a major nerve extending from the lumbar spine (or in other words, the lower end of the spinal cord) towards the glutes and until the feet. The sciatic nerve is the nerve with the largest diameter in the human body.

When this nerve is affected, the patient experiences severe pain and in some cases, the patient is paralyzed.

In today’s article we are going to explain you how to reduce sciatic nerve pain with two simple exercises. You can perform these exercises in your home and you don’t need any medications.

Pregnant women and the elderly

Patients who suffer from sciatic nerve pain the most are the elderly and pregnant women. It is important to highlight that for pregnant women it is particularly important to calm the unbearable pain because their health condition and mood affect the baby.

Medical experts explain that the sciatic nerve begins to suffer as a result of wear and tear and as a result of that, the muscles of the hip and legs lose their flexibility and elasticity. That actually is the reason why the patient experiences strong pain. So, when the patient is trying to move as before it experiences unbearable pain.

It is also important to mention that the sciatic pain is related to the process of muscle contraction which occurs after the age of 30, and as a result of that, even young people start experiencing this type of pain.

Treatment of sciatic pain

If you visit a doctor for the sciatic pain, it is most likely that you will get prescribed medications. Sometimes, these drugs are not efficient and as a result of the chemicals, these pills might cause damage.

Another alternative for relieving the sciatica pain is with exercising. Below we are going to present you two fantastic exercises that are efficient and completely safe. Patients who have tried these exercises explain that they felt relief and the effects are amazing.

The purpose of the exercises for relieving the sciatic pain is to stretch and relax the muscles located next to the sciatic nerve. On this way, you will eliminate the tension and in same time you will unlock the nerve.

Release sciatic nerve pain

  • First exercise:

First of all lie down on a completely flat surface. Then, lift your sore leg and very slowly fold it upwards to your shoulder. In order to get best results, try to fold it as close as you can. When you start feeling tension you need to hold that same posture for about 30 seconds. After that, by stretching the leg on the surface, you should return your leg to the initial position. Repeat this movement two times.

  • Second exercise:

In the same way as in the previous exercise, lie down on a flat surface. Bend your knees and hold them with your hands and make sure to bring them to your chest, as much as you can. While doing this, you should try to keep the pelvis always on the floor. After that, cross your legs and stretch the leg that hurts you the most. In order to achieve best results you should hold your body in this posture for about 30 seconds and then resume the starting position. Make two repetitions.

Last, but not least, it is important to highlight that in order to release sciatic nerve pain, it is crucial to mobilize muscles, loosen tensions and relax them. Also, you need to perform these exercises every day and on this way you will release the unbearable sciatic pain.