Parasites are organisms that live in or on another organism (host). The parasites use the nutrients of the host which might cause severe diseases and health issue. Namely, human parasites often are harmful are most commonly thrive within the human intestines. These organisms feed with sugar and as doctors explain, if you have sugar cravings, it is most likely that you have parasites living in your intestines.

So, when you eat lots of candies and cookies, you actually create environment that is perfect for the parasites. As a result of high amounts of sugar, excess mucus accumulates in your organism and that is a perfect base for fungus and bacteria to reproduce and multiply.

The best and the safest way to eliminate the parasites from your organism is fasting and cleansing your organism. In order words, by eliminating the sugar and grains from your diet you will starve the parasites.

Medical experts explain that once you remove the parasites from your intestines, you will start feeling great and full with energy.

All you need are two ingredients:

  • 100 grams linseed
  • 10 grams dried cloves

Method of preparation:

All you should do is to grind these ingredients until you get a powder form. You can use coffee grinder.

Take 2 tablespoons of this natural mixture every morning in a period of 3 days

By your choice, you can add this powder in a glass of water, milk or yoghurt. Also, you can add this mixture in your smoothie or breakfast.

After 3 days you should make a 3-days break and then start taking this powder again. In order to achieve best results it is advisable to repeat this process in period of one month.

Repeat this simple and yet efficient cleansing procedure 2-3 times annually.