In today’s article we are going to present you helpful hacks and tricks that may save your life if you sometimes are in some dangerous situation and you feel scared.

As much as we love adventure and doing things that are out of our comfort zone, we always want to be safe. Regardless of how “risky” you are or if you love doing things that are dangerous, safety always comes first.

  • Always follow your instinct. This may seem like something obvious, but you literally should follow instinct. If you feel anxious and upset for no obvious reason, if you feel that something is wrong, probably your body is trying to warn you that the danger is not too far from you. Often, people neglect this feeling and fail to follow their instincts.
  • If a stranger ever gets into your car and tells you to drive, you should not panic because there is nothing you can do. However, it is advisable to drive to some busy street that is crowded. On this way you may not be able to go anywhere, you probably will draw attention to the situation and the person will try to get away pretty fast.
  • Knowing a bit of self-defence can be really helpful. If you are lady and you don’t know much about fighting, there is a trick that works if you are attacked by a male person. If some person tries to attack you simply go straight to his groin area. On this way you will stop the attacker and you will have time to run away and get a help.
  • Generally speaking, driving in a licensed cab (a taxi) is safe, but unfortunately, there’s always a possibility something to go wrong. If you notice that the taxi driver is acting a little strange, immediately call someone and tell them your exact location. This will warn the driver that you have a phone and person who knows that you might be in danger.
  • This might sound a bit strange and paranoid, but you should never walk downstairs with your hands in your pockets. You easily can trip and undoubtedly you will need your hands to safe yourself and avoid injury.
  • If you ever find yourself trapped in a burning building – don’t run to get out of the building. Instead, get down to the floor and start crawling. Experts explain that in a burning room, there is more oxygen down in the room (close to the floor) and on this way you may prevent to pass out.
  • If you are parking at night, make sure to walk with the keys in your hands. You can use the keys to defend yourself or simply to get into the vehicle much faster.
  • Today, many people walk on the street and use their mobile phone in the same time. If you are texting while you are walking you become an easy target.
  • If you decide to for a hike or some other fun adventure, make sure to take suitable equipment. There is a chance to get lost and if that happens, you need to find water for drinking and shelter to stay warm and dry. You should always keep in mind that for survival, water and shelter are the two important things.
  • Generally speaking, swimming and surfing in the ocean are dangerous activities, particularly if you’re swimming in a riptide. If this happens, it is advisable to swim parallel to the shore because that is the best and easiest way to get back to shore.